An Evening with P.H. Naffah (of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers)

The guys from the RCPM (Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers) are true class. The whole context for this article began when a couple of members, P.H. Naffah (drummer) and Nick Scropos (bassist), took time out to help with the Wedding Therapist‘s music therapy group (for Higher Octave Healing). She relayed to me how helpful and enthusiastic they were, and also that they invited us to a Strolling Bones event.

P.H., Nick, Josh Kennedy (of the Black Moods), Marc Norman (Ghetto Cowgirl), and Thomas Laufenberg (Ghetto Cowgirl) comprise the Strolling Bones, an exciting overdrive-fueled Rolling Stones tribute band based in Phoenix/Tempe.
The Strolling Bones performed a nice eclectic compilation of Stones songs, from popular hits like Brown Sugar to lesser-known gems like Monkey Man. The delivery was energetic and dynamic. A Crossroads-style guitar duel was a nice injection into the set. Roger Clyne took to the stage to join them for a heart-pumping rendition of Jumping Jack Flash. The entire event was put on to benefit GiGi’s Playhouse, an organization dedicated to the well-being of people with Down Syndrome.

After the show, P.H. has some words to say to #HMPYG:

“Thanks for listening if you know who we are. I don’t blame ya if you don’t (smiles). But, give us a listen and you might like us!”

You gotta love the modesty. As the man said, if you’ve never checked out RCPM, do so now. I’ve added a few tracks to our Spotify playlist (Mekong has been a longtime favorite of mine). A special thanks to P.H. for his kindness and generosity!


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The Wedding Therapist is a wedding planner/music therapist based in Phoenix, AZ.

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