Getting Good Camping Deals

Shopping for camping gear can be tricky. Let’s say you go to REI, and get a really good price on a stove. Walk over to another section, and you’ll probably be overpaying for synthetic blend shirts. The same goes for places like Target, Cabela’s, and other department stores. That’s why I like to shop online. You can pick and choose from various retailers without sacrificing value. See below for some basic recommendations, strategies, and tips…

HMPYG-recommended deal:, as we know, is a classic site. It’s where I bought my Klymit Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad. I use this pad on every camping and backpacking excursion I go on. Amazon has it listed for $54.95, which is pretty damn good. It’s very portable, takes about 7 big breaths to fill, and quite comfortable. I’m a side-sleeper, and many people I’ve talked to recommend it for this kind of sleep.

For shades:

One store that is ridiculously awesome for sunglasses is Sunglass Warehouse. There is a huge selection Captureof cheap but stylish shades. You definitely don’t want to risk losing those $250 Raybans on your next outdoor excursion. I personally never buy sunglasses for more than $40. These glasses look good and feel good for the price.


NEW $-SAVING UPDATE: All of our readers get 20% off sitewide with the code HMPYG20. You’re welcome 😉

Be smart.

Another great way to get good deals is to use your smartphone scanner while at the storeCapture (you can search for “QR Scanner” in the app store). If you find a better price, show it to the sales manager. They’ll tell you they’ll match it or apologize. If they do not match it, just make sure to bookmark that link and save it for later.

Grab a Sunday paper.

The other day, someone at my workplace stated that “only grandpas read newspapers!” Yeah, well, this grandpa is gettin’ deals. I saw a camping chair advertised for $6 last Sunday. This was after I had visited five different stores a few weeks ago trying to find a cheap chair. With tons of advertised specials and coupons, it’s worth dropping a few dollars for the Sunday print.  It’s also nice to give your eyes a break from electronic screens and lights. And who knows, maybe you’ll find one of my articles in the New York Times someday.

Plan ahead.

Finally, make sure you’re planning and giving yourself as much time as possible. I’ve paid more than I should have plenty of times because I simply didn’t give myself enough preparation. This leads to pressured and impulsive buys. Pick up winter gear on the offseason. Shop online and give yourself a few weeks to receive shipped items. Pay attention to the deals people are telling you about. Stop and breathe. No life is savored when you’re in a hurry.

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