Nine Stunning #NaturePorn Photos

Cover Photo: Jen Grand

1. Cascade Mountain, Upstate New York

Photographer: Alicia Paniccia


Alicia is pictured here with her two pooches, Avalanche and Gunner. Avalanche is a recent rescue, adopted with the help of Craigslist. Avalanche is a Belgian Malinois and Gunner is a border heeler.

Cascade Mountain is part of the Adirondack Park in upper New York. It is located about 6 miles east of Lake Placid.

This photo has a sumptuous color balance between the rusty sunset, green pine trees, and the neon dog leashes. Alicia’s body provides a great reference for the grandeur behind her.

Believe it or not, this was shot with an Apple iPhone 7.

2. Zion National Park, Utah

Photographer: Kenneth Smith


Ken transforms scenes into vibrant visual art. He alters the images to give a painting-like feel to them. Not only does he focus on natural settings, he has gorgeous portraits of French buildings at night as well.

Ken works with a Canon 70D and editing that is brilliant. He is currently retired and resides in a beautiful section of France.

Zion National Park is the #5 most visited park in America. Attendance is starting to grow by the millions each year.

3. Prescott, Arizona

Photographer: Joshua Enns


Josh Enns is the mystery man featured on the cover photo of It Takes One Tent to Rule Them All. He took this shot on his GoPro HERO5.

In the foreground is Ringo, Josh’s adorable mixed-breed canine. Django, also a mix, is my fur baby in the background. Django and Ringo are the best of friends and have traveled all around Arizona together. This photo is an action shot as they ran wild through the snowy forests of Prescott (Northern Arizona).

4. San Bernardino Peak Trail, California

Photographer: Nelson Hernandes


Again we have a beautiful balance of color put forth by a vibrant sunset. This trail is not too far from Los Angeles, and is a few miles away from the amazing Chino Hills State Park.

I wanted to know more about this trail. Nelson pointed to the Manzanita field as a trekking highlight. He stated that this part of the trail is “super gorgeous” and that he was amazed by the amount of beauty within the trail.

Nelson used a Sony Alpha a6300 for this shot.

5. Silver Falls, Oregon

Photographer: Sarah and Raul Alvarez

I became acquainted with Raul’s photos through a Facebook group. He captures some of the most sublime features of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. It was pretty hard to settle on just a couple of photos, as every one he posts is miraculous.

The reason I chose to feature this photo is the wet woodland feel to it. It’s different than your standard sunset or mountain pic. The sky is gray, the log in the foreground is soaked, and you feel cold looking at this. The rushing rapids add life to the scene.

Sarah and Raul sport a Nikon D750 camera.

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6. Delray Beach, Florida

Photographer: Frank N. Hornyak


Frank Hornyak harnesses light like it’s a Jedi force. This shot evokes harmony, tranquility, but also a grand energy permeating over the ocean.

Instead of a lightsaber, Frank uses a Nikon D7100. He resides in Florida and has a serious passion for photography.
Delray beach survived massive hurricanes in 1928, 1947, and most recently in 2005 (Katrina being just one of seven major hurricanes that year). Despite the wild storms, Delray beach attracts millions of people per year. It is also a spot for great surfing!

Check out more of his photography on his website!

7. Central Oregon

Photographer: Raul Alvarez


Raul gets two features, because his work is that awesome.  Rudy, the pooch pictured here, is too handsome to handle. The beauty of the landscape is subtle. No cliffs, no dramatic mix of color. Just a peaceful, serene scene.

8. Arches National Park, Utah

Photographer: Nick Wrzesinski


Nick is insanely talented. You probably know him from our Back Pooching article. He’s the man responsible some of the many awesome shots of Penni. His subjects range from dragon flies to the Milky Way galaxy.

This is a shot of the Delicate Arch from the Arches National Park. The photo was taken in honor of the 100th birthday of the National Park Service. You get a mystical feeling as you look at this photograph. You being to realize why Utah is considered God’s country, and how imperative it is that you go there some day.

9. Palouse Falls, Washington

Photographer: Jen Grand


Jen Grand’s photography is absolutely mesmerizing. Her subjects range from canyons like the one pictured above to ominous dead trees to night owls. Her work indicates a superb intuition, vehement passion, and aesthetic intelligence. You will not regret following her on Facebook.

I tried not getting my hopes up when I saw her photography. Why should she let me benefit from her awe-inspiring talent? Upon messaging her, she provided me permission almost immediately. I was delighted. Jen’s work is special, and I am honored to be able to provide some insight on this work.

Palouse Falls is a spectacular site when you look it up. It is part of the Snake river, and is set in a beautiful network of canyon lands. The falls are located in Southeast Washington.  It is Washington’s official state waterfall.

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Jen Grand, on the art of photography:

To this day my favorite moments are when all else falls silent, and I simply feel the spirit of the land resonate through my being while looking through the viewfinder.

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