Ridiculously Awesome Travel Gear

Some items are suave and stylish. Some are pretty damn cool. Some are random. Here is a list of ridiculously awesome travel gear. 10% of all commissions go to various nonprofits (WorldWildlifeFund, AndreHouse, Thirst Project to name a few).

 1. Cigar Flask

Great for destination weddings, or if you’re just one classy sonuvabitch. As a cigar enthusiast, I wouldn’t recommend keeping stogies in the holder for more than a day. As for the whiskey, carry it along for as long as you’d like!

2. The Nixon Rotolog

My brother gifted me this watch over ten years ago. I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. The teakwood is such a nice touch. I went so far as to have a teak wedding ring to match it.

3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

My Bose headphones only come out when I travel. Why? I think of it as a special treat reserved for the most special of occasions. The sound quality is remarkable, and the ear padding is incredibly comfortable. I look forward to those trips where I can put the ear buds away and savor the sounds of the Bose.

4. Retro Square Shades

The epitome of classic. These retro square sunglasses are never going out of style. The shades come from Sunglass Warehouse. For less than $15, you can’t go wrong.

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5. Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

As you can see, this bag is nice. It can be used as a hanging toiletry bag or as a flat-lying Dopp kit/accessory bag. It’s designed by Italians and made from high grade synthetic leather. It received a 5-star average out of 799 customer reviews.

6. myCharge AmpProng Plus Portable Charger

I’ve tried portable chargers that are total crap. I’ve tried good ones that are way overpriced. This is by far the best option. It comes with the convenience of plug-in prongs so that it charges directly into the wall. It supplies power to any device for long stretches of time (they advertise 45 hours). The myCharge is a must-have for anyone using their phones (or tablets) often while traveling.

7. Orthopedic Ass Pillow For Those Long Flights

Need I say more?

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