San Diego: Vegas for Dogs

Crowds of pooches walk up and down the sidewalks of downtown. Some are primped and looking suave for potential mates. Pop music hits play from audio speakers in bars and clubs throughout Gaslamp Quarter.

There’s not a big molly scene, but there is doggy beer available. Canines don’t really need to catch a buzz though. The natural excitement from human admirers and gawkers is enough for their doggy midbrains.

There’s no gambling, but they do take chances with each ass-sniff. There are no brothels, but humping abounds. This is Vegas for dogs, and the fun occurs relentlessly.

San Diego prides itself on dog friendliness. Even the stadium the Padres play in (Petco Park) reflects this. There are tons of activities and events for pooches. They are catered to at every other restaurant, and even some beaches are accommodating. The best place for dog-splashing and puppy-sun bathing is arguably Coronado Dog Beach.

Django, #HMPYG’s proud mascot
Photos taken at Coronado Dog Beach


Coronado Dog Beach

To get a feel for the environment at CDB, check out this 30-second audio clip:

CDB is located on Coronado island over the bridge from San Diego. It lies at the far end of beaches. Dozens of breeds are represented here. The most common we saw were corgis. You can also spot dachshunds, bulldogs, German shepherds, pits, Dobermans, pugs, and many others. One adorable sight was a Basset hound whose ears draped down to the sand.

Kyle from Encinitas brings Pippa, his Golden retriever/poodle mix, to this beach all the time.

“This is the best by far. Others don’t allow dogs during the summer, but this is open to them all year-round.”

As I trotted the sands with my own dog, I overheard someone remark how dirty Ocean Beach dog beach is. Ocean Beach, just a few miles away, may be the most popular pet beach. Around us, there wasn’t any trash or feces in the sand. Coronado is a well-kept community in general. It helps when there are million-dollar homes on every single block. There’s no doubt this beach is in nicer shape than OB.

Getting Your Pooch Ready

It’s no secret that this blog uses affiliate links. It’s how we’re able to continuously operate, give charitably, and fund projects like Arizona News Organization.
Here are some suggestions for getting your pooch ready for a smooth and enjoyable vacation. As someone who has taken their dog on many various excursions, I make these recommendations from experience.

Kurgo Dog Harness

This harness is durable and reliable. The Wedding Therapist and I have used ours for over two years now (not this particular one but pretty similar). Django finds it pretty comfortable, and it even survived as a chew toy when he was younger. For tuggers and pullers, a harness is a must-have.

Grain-Free Dog Food

We initially dismissed grainfree food as an overpriced commodity for rich granola dog-owners. However, we noticed some real positive changes once we made the diet change. Django ate less grass, was puking less, had healthier stools, and his coat shined. This food is definitely more expensive than brands like Iams and Purina, but you will likely benefit in the long run from less vet bills.

PoochPlanet Dog Bed

This bed, like the harness mentioned previously, is a favorite because of its durability. It’s also perfectly sized for the car backseat.

It’s a great bed to have for road trips and the bedroom.


Tunes for yourself as you have a glass of vino in the hotel. Tunes for Fido when having some downtime on his own. The quality is pretty superb for this price point. Our jambox has been rocked in San Diego, Mexico, Northern Arizona, and pretty much every other dogcation we’ve taken.

*                         *                        *

Don’t hesitate about bringing your pooch to San Diego. It’s almost a guarantee they’ll have a good time. Whether they’re a barhopping Bichon Frise or a Yorkie that just wants to chill on your lap, there’s something for every doggy.


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