The Travelin’ Stoner

Xochi is a California-born pothead that has 17,900 followers on Instagram. To put that into context, that’s over 9.5k more than Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, and only 4.5k behind Annie Lennox.

She dabs in Phoenix. She dabs in NYC. She’s been tokin’ in Mexico and Spain. The girl gets around, and gets a lot of attention. She’s a total hit with the stoner community, and one gets the feeling that it isn’t going to slow down. She is starting to build up her fanbase on Twitter, a platform that’s a little more difficult to build a following on. She also now runs her own blog site.

To my surprise, Xochi is her actual name. It is Nahuatl (Aztec) for “flower.” Being that she smokes a lot of marijuana flowers, I find this both ironic and awesome. Xochi is prideful in her heritage, citing Barcelona as one of her most meaningful excursions. She posts utterly delicious Mexican foods on her Instagram often. She’s an open book, letting just about whomever into personal details of her life. She uses the word transparency to describe her work, and it’s very fitting.

Xochi graced HMPYG with a quick interview. It’s short, hazy, and insightful.

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HMPYG: Out of all the places you’ve been (countries, cities, states, anything), what’s left the biggest impression on you?

@StoneyXochi_: I would have to say Barcelona. As a Mexican, it was really eye-opening and grounding to see where my ancestors came from.

HMPYG: A lot of your photos are of delicious, fat-filled foods. How do you keep your figure when eating things like chipotle-limón doughnuts and fried fish and chips?

@StoneyXochi_: I haven’t posted photos of myself like that in over a year because honestly I’m not in very good shape right now. I’ve never been the type to watch what I eat though. I used to maintain my figure by biking 8-14 miles a day through the hills of San Francisco as well as having labor-intensive jobs. It was the best way to stay in shape. Since I moved in with my boyfriend, I’ve needed to bike less. Plus, I think my boyfriend and I both went through that “we’re-comfortable-together-so-we-don’t-care-how-we-look” phase, but are definitely working on getting our figures back.

HMPYG: Do you feel your Instagram base was built up by showing off your body?

@StoneyXochi_: Well, 60% of my following are men, so interpret that however you want. A lot of my following actually followed me from Tumblr, and I wasn’t as risqué in those days. I was just one of those people who would take photos and videos of every joint, blunt and bong hit. I think people just thought it was cool that I took photos and lived in San Francisco and smoked hella weed and liked following me for it. But, specifically Instagram, I think it definitely helped build my following further. But to be honest those followers are hard to retain, and I don’t really want to.

HMPYG: What’s your personal favorite stoner movie?

@StoneyXochi_: The Friday series, counting as one movie.

HMPYG: Nice! I’m going to ask you this next question straight-up. How much money are you making from promotions?

@StoneyXochi_: I actually don’t make any money from promotions! I have clients who pay me for my photography but I don’t do the whole ‘post about us for money’ thing. It’s too much work for me honestly (laughs).

HMPYG: What is your overall vision for your internet-related endeavors?

@StoneyXochi_: I’m excited about my website turning a year old in July! I want to keep writing for my blog and more magazines, as well as doing more photography for myself and for clients. I hope the examples of my work via social media as well as my transparency as a person bring me more work!

A genuine thanks to Xochi for taking her time out to speak with us! Follow #HMPYG on Facebook and Twitter.

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