Facebook is Making the World Smaller: The Work of Frank Hornyak

Frank N. Hornyak was featured in our previous post, Nine Stunning #NaturePorn Photos. I spoke to him shortly after discovering his photography on Facebook. Frank speaks with a thick New Yorker accent. He is loquacious, extremely friendly, and passionate about his photography. His photos mean everything to him, and you can easily observe the amount of expertise in each pixel.

Featured in “Nine Stunning #NaturePorn Photos

Hornyak began taking photos at ten years old. He hails from Jackson Heights in the upper West section of Queens. He parted ways with NYC in January 2012 to start a new life in Colombia. The ex-pat got to know the country for four years, pushing bootleg movies and trying to make things work with his wife from Colombia. Things didn’t work, as they sometimes do not, and Hornyak relocated to the sixth borough of NY, the state of Florida.

Some time before leaving Colombia, Hornyak visited Delray Beach, a beautiful town with beautiful sunsets. He was photographing early one morning and captured this sail boat:


A stunning image, a testament to the grace and serenity of aquatic mornings.

Hornyak returned to Colombia to process the photo. He wondered if the solitudinous sailor would ever get to see it. In a world before Facebook, the chances would be far too slim. Even if this photograph made it into National Geographic, I wouldn’t put money on the sailor discovering it. The world was once disjointed, a disconnected series of pockets and isolated information. People lived spread apart between mail routes and telegraph lines. It is now a network of hyper-sped communication and distribution. As Thomas L. Friedberg, the author of The World Is Flat puts it,

As the world starts to move from a primarily vertical — command and control — system for creating value to a more horizontal — connect and collaborate — value-creation model, and as we blow away more walls, ceilings, and floors at the same time, societies are going to find themselves facing a lot of very profound changes all at once.

The changes are here. Frank Hornyak found Facebook communities catering to Florida locals. He translated his work into the ether of digital consciousness, and eventually captured the attention of that sailor. Andrew B. Montague, the solitudinous sailor, discovered the photo on Facebook three years later.

I didn’t even discover Hornyak’s work directly. I stumbled onto one of his works searching “Delray Beach” on Facebook. Why Delray Beach? I’m not really sure. Now that we are connected in this horizontal world, however, I’m glad I used that search query. Hornyak continues to be a powerhouse for photography production and distribution. Though he’s in his sixties, he seems to have just begun. It’s an exciting time to know his work, and I’m glad to be a part of it. So for the people of this small Earth, I say this: get ready for an abundance of Hornyak’s beauty to grace our phone screens.

Check out Frank’s brand new website, https://www.fnhornyak.photography. Bookmark and share!

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