is Helping a Farmer in Cambodia With a Loan

We’re always looking for opportunities to help the world in some way. Tem, a Cambodian woman/leader/farmer has asked for help financing a tractor for her farm.

Using the painfully slow internet we currently have in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, we were able to send a modest loan out to Tem and her team. This was made possible with the fantastic work being done by Kiva, a nonprofit aiding women around the world with capital. In addition to Tem’s loan, HMPYG has made a donation to Kiva to help support operating costs.

According to Kiva, Tem is a rice farmer from the Mondulkiri province. She has three children to provide for, and must do extra work outside the farm to make ends meet. She needs a tractor to plow rice and increase crop yield.

Tem’s campaign may helped be supported through this link.

On an entirely different note, if you live in the Southwest and haven’t visited Rocky Point, Mexico, what are you waiting for?

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