Six Extraordinary Outdoor Photographs

Six extraordinary outdoor photographs, all by five insanely talented photographers.

Before we dive in, here’s a little disclaimer: unless you’ve been studying and practicing for years, you can’t take photos like this. I learned this after I recently bought my Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera. And don’t get me wrong, the camera is a fantastic starter instrument. I quickly realized, however, I don’t know what the hell aperture or an f-stop is. Knowledge and practice is crucial. I have a newfound respect for photographers, because it really is an art.

Here are the masterworks of the pros, in no particular order:

Elias Butler | Flagstaff, Arizona

Lightning strike the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and Eli Butler is there to capture this brilliance. This isn’t his only photo to feature strikes of lightning, it’s a recurring subject of his work. Not only is it amazing that he has the timing to snap these shots, it’s also admirable because monsoon season in Arizona is relatively short. This leaves a small window to get incredible photos like this one.

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Sarah Alvarez | Vancouver, Washington

Mount Rainier can make the soul beckon for Washington State with its beauty and elegance. A snow-capped glory in a pool of stars, this scene tantalizes the eye with nocturnal wonder.

Raul and Sarah Alvarez were previously featured in our Nine Stunning #NaturePorn Photos article. Their portrayal of natural settings is masterful. If you’d like to take shots like this, buy yourself a Nikon D750 and study for a really, really long time.

Elias Butler | Flagstaff, Arizona

I was going to limit this feature to only pure, natural landscapes, but I’m a sucker for petroglyphs. The primitive markings are mysterious, delightfully archaic, and are representative of Southwestern native culture. Even in areas where they are preserved and featured in a touristic manner, you still experience a sense of ancient discovery that resonates within. The span of time, the larger Colossus of eternity, they dwarf you, and you’re left a lone leaf in the infinitesimal cosmos.

Frank N. Hornyak | Reddick, Florida

Bears in Florida? The Sunshine State isn’t just all gators and pelicans.

Frank ran into this furry beauty serendipitously. Like the professional photographer he is, he was fully prepared for the sighting. Frank Hornyak’s subjects are usually beautiful hummingbirds, but this deviation is a great addition.

Frank was previously featured in this #HMPYG article.

Lina Stock (Divergent Travelers) | Duluth, Minnesota

These ice formations seem unreal. This was shot in Alaska, a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. The expansive ice plains, towering glaciers, and abundance of interesting wildlife make way for an incredible trip.

I remember being told a brief story about a lady on a cruise ship. The ship’s destination was Alaska, somewhere this woman had never been. The ship set sail for six days, and all was relatively tranquil. Upon its arrival, the woman stepped out on deck to look upon the beauty of Alaska. She was so deeply affected, so overwhelmed, she jumped ship and plunged to her death.

So here’s my suggestion: Please do visit Alaska. Please don’t forget to take your medication with you.

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Jessie Richards (#MuttCalledScout) | Alberta, Canada


We always appreciate a photogenic dog. Scout is a majestic pooch with eye-catching features, from his gray face to rich coat. He’s a traveling mutt who is seen here enjoying the scent of fresh pine in Alberta. He has many more photos that can be mused over on his Instagram.


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