Rockin’ in Nashville TN

If you are a music fan at all, Nashville is a must-visit. Here’s why:

  • It’s home to the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Cathy’s Clown by the Everly Brothers and dozens of other classic records were recorded at RCA’s Studio B.
  • You may be blown away by the immense amount of talent in the famed Bluebird Cafe.
  • You may be blown away by the immense amount of talent found in any other bar in town.
  • Roy Orbison spent extensive time in the area building up the “Nashville sound.”
  • The Music Mile, an agglomeration of various musical attractions, can keep you busy all day.
  • You can stand on the stage of The Ryman, a legendary venue that has hosted the likes of Aretha Franklin, the Foo Fighters, James Brown, and countless others.

When my buddy and I ventured to Nashville in the summer of 2011, we saw amazing things. Amazing, both in the great and negative sense. One notable memory is a rockabilly band playing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance in an old beaten-down dive bar. What was also amazing was the junkie that locked herself in our motel bathroom for a couple of hours. She left without explanation at about 3:10 p.m.

The Ryman
A view inside of one of Nashville’s most notable venues, the Ryman.

You see a town that’s filled with music, legends, love, labor, and the spirit of a nation that once held harmony as a high priority.

In Nashville, you also see an aged, weary sunset that throws tarnish on the economic depression that spans below.

Nashville is both excitement and despair. It’s a town that has notes upon chords to offer, but can also be cacophonous. People are desperate and may rob you if you get into some shady shit. They will also treat you with Southern hospitality that makes you feel incredibly warm and welcome.

Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN
The Bluebird Cafe hosts some of the most talented songwriters on the East coast.

Bottom line: Nashville rocks. Keep the term “rock and roll” in mind when you visit. It’s not just a reminder about the incredible music, but also a way to know your limits. If you’re fine with getting into drunken fights in the parking lot with strange-looking people, you’ll be fine. If you wanna take it easy, throw on some Eagles and peruse around town. Be mindful that this isn’t a glamorous town, it’s a rock and roll town.

What to bring:


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Rockin’ the “Desert” aviators I recently acquired.

Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket

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This makes an awesome gift!

Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket

Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster

Maple fingerboard, vintage pickups, and the Nashville sound. Over in Nashville, you can bring this bad boy to many bars and plug in. The musicians are very accommodating to visiting guitar players. Just be sure to understand the etiquette, tips go to the player that’s booked.

The link above brings you to Amazon, where you can get the guitar for $769.99. That’s $30 cheaper than Guitar Center’s price. It has 100% 5-star reviews, probably because of the superb noiseless pickups.

Bonus Attraction

Little did I know when visiting, Nashville has a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens. This is because the city was dubbed the “Athens of the South.” It’s pretty amazing, as all of the details of the original can be seen in the Nashville version.

Nashville's Parthenon

It even includes a 42 foot high statue of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. It was built for the 1897 Centennial, and is now an art museum.

If you have rock, blues, or country in your blood, plan your trip now!

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