The Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Phoenix

#HMPYG Presents the 10 Greatest Phoenix-Area Sushi Restaurants

When I first moved to Arizona, I was full of excitement, eager to explore, and in love with the desert environment. I had become surrounded by amazing mountain views, majestic saguaro cactuses, and perpetual sunshine. One thing I was unsure of, however, was how I was going to get my sushi fix. Sushi is my favorite food in the world, and it wasn’t hard to find good sushi back in New York.

My first experience was with Sushi 101 near the ASU campus. This was pretty underwhelming. They resorted to deep-frying some of their rolls, and the crab they used was artificial “krab” substance. I did not give up, though. My mission became to find the best sushi restaurants in the Phoenix area. I set a lifetime goal of trying every single one. Out of the 30 or so I’ve tried, here are the top 10…

#10: Big Eye Sushi

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This is referring to the North Scottsdale location in particular. The Chandler location was pretty underwhelming. Look out for Groupon deals for this place!

#9: SakeBomber

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Consider this a happy little “sushi pub” in Tempe. It’s located by ASU and has plenty of seating.

#8: Teharu

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By far the best rotating sushi joint in the Phoenix area. Be sure to make reservations, as it’s wildly popular.

#7: Sushi Brokers

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A great spot in Arcadia (Northeast Phoenix area). They have a reverse happy hour 10p-close every Monday through Saturday (in addition to the standard 3-6:30 p.m. happy hour).

#6: Bei 

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Located just south of Old Town Scottsdale. The ambience isn’t much, but the food makes up for it. This place can get busy on weekend nights.