See a Mystical World…Inside Your Ring

Art of the Ring

Art comes in many forms. Tattoos, oil paintings, sculpture, even rum bottle labels.

Art breathes color into life, transcending our ordinary experiences into thought-provoking marvels. Art is millenia old, yet brings newness with each coming generation.

We’ve never seen art like this in a ring…


The craft and beauty of these rings are very unique. Can you imagine having a scene like this on your finger?

Rings by Secret Wood Inc.
“Ocean Oasis”

Secret Wood Inc

Secret Wood is the Canadian start-up behind these artworks. They have been around for a couple of years, but are already building quite the following. Their Facebook page has over 750,000 likes.

Secret Wood makes their rings through a combination of masterful woodworking, chemical processes, careful engineering, lacquering, and so on. Their designs are inspired by the awe of Canadian landscapes.


When I first saw their collection, I was estimating the price tags to be around $500-$600. Maybe even $750 for some of the more jaw-dropping ones. Take this one for example:

Amazing hand-crafted ring
You may click this image!

This one, “Waltz of the Winds!” is only $145.00. A handcrafted, only one-in-the-world (each ring is unique from each other) cool resin ring for only $145? Yes please.

What to Know

  • One important thing to keep in mind is that these take 4-5 weeks to make. So if you’re needing some spectacular Christmas gifts, place your order right now. Click here to get to the Secret Wood website.
  • They will send you a picture of your ring before it ships.
  • Don’t go swimming with these.
  • The warranty is 30 days.
  • Be sure to know your ring size.
  • They have pendants as well…
    “The World Turtle” pendant









It’s exciting to see a small business put out such wonderful works of art. The affordability, uniqueness, and beauty of these rings make them a must-buy. Since these are all handmade, my guess is that some will be harder to get as the demand grows. Stop by their site, and get them before they’re gone!

Rings by Secret Wood Inc.
“Ember Spirit”

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