The Easiest Way to Book a Trip with CheapOAir

CheapOAir is great for a couple of different reasons. The big one is their “Price Match Promise.” Basically, it’s a straightforward price-match guarantee. Not only do they match low prices, but they will also cancel the reservation penalty-free if you feel inclined. Here’s their policy in writing:

The other reason we’re diggin’ the CheapOAir site is the nice vacation packages we’re finding. You get a roundtrip flight + hotel stay for prices even better than Groupon. 

When we set parameters for 7 nights from Phoenix to Nassau, Bahamas, here’s what came up:

CheapOAir has a multitude of discount codes. The latest one we saw was “PK50,” which automatically shaves off $50 for a flight/hotel package deal. With this applied, you’d be getting that 7 nights in Bahamas for $834.69 per person. Not too shabby.

Try it out for yourself! If you live in a major city, definitely check out their last-minute flight deals. We scoped a NY to Miami flight for only $85 roundtrip. CheapOAir is getting more popular each month, and with good reason.

What Others Are Saying

We’ve looked carefully over many reviews from a wide range of people. Whether they were flying for business travel, booking an exotic vacation, searching for last minute flight deals, or just reserving a staycation, the reviews were mostly positive. David from Washington stated that using CheapOAir “was the best experience I have ever had making flight arrangements.” Raymond from Florida called them “the best” and said that “a very friendly agent solved all my problems.” It seems that the customer service (by phone) is exceptionally impressive.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • booking with Spirit airlines (take it from us, don’t ever do this)
  • booking for the wrong dates (CheapOAir can help you figure this out, but it’s much simpler if you double-check the dates a few times before booking)
  • travelling internationally with an expired passport

So if you have the right dates, use a reputable airline, and have your passport set, you will be good to go! Go now! Go explore!

Follow the banner below, and who knows? You may just end up in Tahiti with a daiquiri in hand.

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