Pooch Tents

If you’re anything like me, nothing is too good for your dog. Whether it’s vacations, blankets, snacks, or toys, your dog gets spoiled rotten. With a face like this, how can you not want to give them the world?


But let’s get to the point. Pooch tents. They are a thing, and your dog deserves one. They can be used outdoors or indoors, on the patio or on the Appalachian trail. They make your dog supercool, and you can let Rex pretend he’s Bear Grylls with a lot of extra fur.

The Tents



The setup is easy and there is much ventilation in this little tent. But it is just that: little. I would get this for the dogs less than 50 lbs. For the small-to-medium pooches, it works great as both a camping accessory and just something to provide shade. Most reviewers on Amazon have relayed that their pets love it, and it’s even worked out for some cats.

For an extra inch in width and height (this does make a difference), you should opt for the Pettom Pop-Up Tent. It’s simple set-up and durability makes for a great canine shelter.

Pettom Pet Shelter
Pettom Pet Shelter

Be sure to pay attention to the color options. Usually Amazon advertises the more expensive option first. This tent qualifies for Amazon Prime, so you can save on shipping costs as well.

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Dogs are perfect outdoor companions, and not just because they can drink shitty water and love the taste. They follow us wherever we go, love us whoever we are, and guide us whatever the adversity.