Butter Coffee in Little Italy

On the corner of Mulberry Street and Broome, right near the heart of Little Italy in NYC, is the creamiest coffee you could imagine.

This buttery beverage is made with grass-fed butter from moo cows, MCT oil, and delicious organic coffee. It runs $6.50 for the classic, roughly the same price as a hit of Chinatown heroin.

MCT oil, medium-chain triglycerides, are a special kind of fatty acid with supposed health benefits. According to one research publication:

Greater rise in fat oxidation with medium-chain triglyceride consumption relative to long-chain triglyceride is associated with lower initial body weight and greater loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue”

Translation: this stuff is supposed to burn fat. Which is good, because the delicious pizza across the street does exactly the opposite.

The name of the shop that sells this creamy caffeinated concoction is Greecologies, a Greek yogurt place for hot white girls.

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Getting to Yelapa

Yelapa Falls is one of the most treasured sites in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Located uphill in a dense jungle environment, it is not the easiest location to get to. It’s not very difficult either if you have the right information. All-in-all, the experience should cost you around $13.50 (250 pesos). You should also be fairly fit (basically be able to walk an incline on two feet).

First stop: Boca de Tomatlan

Most of the resorts are situated on the main road between central Puerto Vallarta and Mismaloya. This makes the bus ride extremely easy. The fare is about 8 pesos (approximately fifty cents in US currency). You could also take a taxi if you want to splurge the extra 140 pesos ($8 USD). Either way, it’s a fun and beautiful ride to Boca de Tomatlan. The bus stops right near the coast, and a cab will bring you even closer. As soon as you get out, salespeople will try to sell you a water taxi. Some may cost upwards to 2000 pesos ($100), which is way over-priced. A fair price for a group water taxi should be 220 pesos per person roundtrip ($12 USD).

From Boca de Tomatlan to Yelapa Beach

The boat ride is about 25 minutes to Yelapa beach. This beach is fairly remote and exclusive. The service is extraordinary, and beach chairs are included with the boat ride. Make sure you hydrate before making the trek up to the falls. And by hydrate, I mean 3 cervezas and a coconut water.

From the Beach to the Falls

From the dropoff point, the start of the walkway to the falls is about a 5 minute walk Southward on the beach. You pass by a lagoon toward houses on a hill. Signs point to a stairway labelled “Waterfall” (easy enough).

You climb steps that seem to be hundreds of years old. Watch out for horse shit.

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From there, its a pretty straightforward path. If youre ever unsure, plenty of locals can help you in English. Just be sure to sample their raicilla, a powerful and smoky Mexican moonshine.

Also be sure to sample delicious pie from either the beach or one of the corner stores on the way.

After you fill up on pie and raicilla, it’s time for more raicilla. Upon approaching the falls, there is a restaurant with great food and drink. You will be well-taken care of when you make it up there. The falls may or not be running, depending on season and rainfall. Regardless, it’s worth the trip.

Essentials to Bring:

You will need sunglasses, and a great source is Sunglass Warehouse. You can great deals, as most shades are under $15 dollars. I’ve had my aviators for over 2 years now, and have been really happy with their product design.

You’ll also need sunscreen of at least 40 SPF.

A water resistant bag is a must-have for the boat ride and potential rains. It’s almost a guarantee you will get wet.

EarthPak, $18.97 on Amazon

Avoid bringing sneakers, as you will have to jump out of the boat and into the ocean when you get to Yelapa beach. Instead, get yourself a pair of sandals good for hiking in. A highly recommended brand is Keen, and can be found on Amazon for $80.


Finally, be sure to have a decent water-proof camera. The GoPro Hero5 is a solid and affordable choice.


Have fun and stay adventurous!

Investing to Fund Your Travels

Traveling is full of adventure, memorable experiences, margheritas, romance, new opportunities, and bliss. You either make it to that landmark you’ve always wanted to see or you discover something incredible. But traveling is also expensive. Even with incredible fare deals and extreme budgeting, you still need money. Sometimes a lot of it.


I work hard like anyone else, but with that work comes expensive maintenance costs. Reliable transportation, student loan payments, gifts, it all adds up. That’s why passive income can be a huge help when you’re planning that next trip to Jamaica or Sweden.

Here are three steps to earning enough dough through investments, even if you have no experience in the market.

1. Save

You need a base sum to set aside for investment. Easy for some, difficult for all of us 🙂

To make any significant gains (without taking wild risks), you need at least $1,000. Hoping that you would grow your fund by 10%, this could bring back a return around $100. Ideally you should be able set aside $3,000-$5,000. A 10% return on $5,000 brings you a beautiful $500.

This is really the hardest part. If you’re having difficulty saving, you need to do one of two things: cut your expenses or grow your income.

2. Download Robinhood


Robinhood may be your best avenue for one simple reason: no commissions. A commission is a fee charged to you for buying or selling a security (stock/bond/mutual fund). E-trade charges $6.95 every single time you buy or sell. I’ve been suckered into paying over $40 in a day just to get my money back.

Robinhood works on selling their premium plans rather than commissions. And you don’t even need the premium plan. I’ve made over $620 using the standard free Robinhood platform. Pair that with a vacation package deal, your trip is paid for!

3. Geek Out


Making a good investment takes some research and evaluation. Here are some good questions to ask before buying a stock:

– How much has it gone up in the past year? (As opposed to the past few months. You can buy something while it’s down, but look at the trends over the past year.)

– What is the risk vs. reward? In Robinhood, there is an indicator telling you the volatility of a stock. High volatility may mean more risk.

– What are others saying? Check Seeking Alpha, StockTwits, Yahoo Finance to see various perspectives.

Quick tips:

– Buy various stock to diversify your portfolio. One small loss in a mix of investments is much better than banking on one stock’s performance.

– Use investopedia to look up terms you are unfamiliar with.

– Don’t panic when a stock is down. It may take a while for it to come back, but they usually do come back (unless crashing).

Sign up to get free stock!

Carnival Cruise Hacks for 2018

Carnival cruises can be pretty incredible. You have a literal boatload of food available to you, full days of entertainment, 24 hours of ocean views available to you, and a crew that works their asses off for you. Once you’re on board for your second or third time, you start to realize some tricks and hacks that enhance the experience. Here is #HMPYG’s 2018 list of hacks for your next cruise with Carnival.

1. Packing shampoo flasks


The security coming onto the boat is fairly tight. Over the years, Carnival has become quite keen on busting people who sneak booze onboard. It happens all the time, and the company can lose thousands on drink sales. One thing that has never failed me are shampoo flasks.

Carnival Cruise Hacks 2018
Click the pic to be linked to this product on Amazon.


Now you should never be thinking of bringing liquor onboard, of course. It’s strictly against policies. But, sometimes you need to get some special “shampoo” and “conditioner” that really nourishes the soul. The seals work really well, and as long as you keep the bottle clean, you should have no problem using them in your checked bag.

2. These things? They come out

Most of the time, the shower gel and shampoo are unlocked, allowing easy access for removing the attachment. If you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the gel while in the shower, and it helps to make the dispenser portable so that you can get total coverage. Or maybe you want to bring it with you to the pool if you prefer baths (just kidding).

3. Bypass the no-candle/open flame policy.

2018 Carnival Cruise Hacks

If you want to set the mood, make things romantic, or just make your room smell good, purchase a set of scented flameless LED candles. They run the same price for a good wax candle (about $25), can be re-used over and over, and look just like the real thing.

Never try using real candles or incense on board. They will confiscate them, and it is a huge fire hazard.

4. Bypass the ATM fees.


With overpriced drinks, taxes, gratuity charges, and other expenses, it’s stupid to pay an ATM fee on the ship. At some of the tourist spots on land, the ATM fees may be even more exorbitant than onboard. But, you need cash.

Here’s what to do: go to a slot machine, charge however much you need to your Sail & Sign card. Resist the temptation to blow it all on the machine. Take your card out, and head to the cashier. Request a payout, and bam, say hello to the cash.

5. Turn one plug into three.


Many cruisers get to their stateroom surprised to find only one or two power outlets. Electricity is apparently a commodity on the ship (though that casino seems to be very well-powered).

If you need outlets for your phones, cameras, hair dryers, laptops, disco lights, then do yourself a favor and pick up this outlet adaptor.

Also, the TV’s have a USB plugin that may serve as an extra charger.

6. Take plenty of naps!

Enhance your cruising experience with plenty of napping, and then tweet us your vacation photos!


P.S. If Carnival reads this, please don’t sue us.

Camping in a Spiritual Vortex (Sedona)

Camping gets us in touch with our primitive self, connecting our present being to primordial ancestors of aeons ago. We lie under a vast array of stars, hyper-aware of surrounding energy. The words in our mind become less cluttered, and we are left with more feeling and intuition than we are with complicated thought.

Camp in Sedona, and you add an extra spiritual element to the equation.

Sedona is known for its mystical vortices, locations with a concentration of etheric energy. Psychics, occultists, and artists are all drawn to the Arizona town, and there is no shortage of overpriced crystal shops.

But what makes Sedona especially inspiring are views like these:


Where to Camp in Sedona (with a tent)

You may either:

  • Select a developed campground such as Manzanita.
  • Go off the beaten path to the dispersed camping sites (Send us a message on Facebook to learn more).
  • Backpack West Fort trail and set up your tent 3+ miles in.

If You’re Looking For a Tent


Pictured above is our Embark 2-person dome tent (click this link to get it for only $60).  We’ve used this tent over and over and over again. It’s a great one to have for casual camping and for a quick set up. It has 5 stars on Amazon, probably because of its durability and reliability.

Also check out our previous article, It Takes One Tent to Rule Them All for a review of three different tents (including the Embark).

Free Prayer Flags

Into the Mystic


It doesn’t take much to have a spiritually uplifting time. A few candles, incense, and a meditation bowl may be all you need. The most important factor, of course, is your state of mind. Here are a few techniques to try:

  1. With your eyes closed and while you’re sitting, scan your body. You may actually imagine a light from a computerized scanner passing up and down your body. As the light passes each section of your limbs, abdomen, chest, head, etc., bring your awareness fully to each of those sections. Changing your point of consciousness is incredibly grounding, and take time to do so carefully.
  2. Recite a prayer. One great one is the Peace Prayer of St. Francis. It reads as follows:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; 

Where there is hatred let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy.

       3. Practice this Loving Kindness Meditation from Sylvia Boorstein.

A Final Note

Be sure to check out Huckaby Trail. This is one of our favorites. It’s a moderate hike, about 2.5 miles in (and then 2.5 miles out). It has a rich diversity that makes Sedona so great; fantastic views of red rock formations, the creekside forest, towering ocotillos, an abundance of prickly pear cacti, snakes, lizards, blue jays, quails.

Here is a shot taken on the trail:


Dogs are welcome, though be sure to pack lots of extra water! A hydration bladder will help in this endeavor. Click here for one that rocks and is inexpensive.

Many blessings from #HMPYG and from Django, our most handsomest mascot.


The Future of Tourism

Courtesy of ESA

There are many incredible sights on Earth. I’ve seen the pyramids at Chichen Itza, the Sistine Chapel, la Sagrada Familìa, the Grand Canyon, the bays of Jamaica, the most magnificent sea cliff in Europe, the Parthenon, and many other wonders. I can assure you, you don’t need to leave this Earth to experience sublimeness. Yet tourism is ever-changing and transgressing. Space tourism is entering the lexicon of journalism. Deep sea tourism is becoming “a thing.” People are also ironically seeking out tours to do non-tourist experiences. Some people are seeking out virtual reality experiences to overcome the financial and physical barriers of actual reality.

We are going to look at three phenomena that are increasing in popularity and interest. One is the concept of “Moon Village,” a European Space Agency project that aims to create tourist experiences on the moon. The next is virtual reality tourism. The last is “not-a-tourist” travel experiences.

Holiday on the Moon

Courtesy of ESA
The Moon Village Multi Dome will be designed to protect travelers from radiation and micrometeoroids.

First off, I want to know your thoughts on the advent of space tourism. Tweet us with an answer to one of these questions…

  1. How much money would you spend to have a 10-night vacation on the moon? (Use the hashtag #MoonVacation)
  2. Does the idea of space tourism excite or frighten you? (Use the hashtag #SpaceTourism)
  3. Why travel to space at all? (Use the hashtag #WhySpace)

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Director General Johann Woerner is seriously committed to building Moon Village, a community of people working and living together on the moon. When asked about the importance of space exploration, Woerner states that it is an agent for international cooperation and collaboration. In other words, Moon Village is a way to promote peace and solidarity between various countries.

Moon Village wouldn’t just be a base or a lab. Woerner directly indicates that the project could extend to tourist-related business ventures. People (with a lot of money presumably) may very well be planning a future family adventure across space towards Moon Village. Bumper stickers will read “I♥MOON.VILLG.” Children will possibly be buying freeze-dried ice cream from a space shuttle vending machine.

Is this something to expect soon? Maybe, maybe not. Moon Village isn’t a specified plan of action. It is rather just a concept that functions to bring people together in building ventures on the moon. There are, however, scholars that are pointing to the 2020s as a likely decade for moon tourism.

VR Tourism

The future of virtual reality tourism.

Meet the Oculus Rift.

Imagine putting on a device and then being able to see into the jungles of Peru. You take a step forward, and hear a wild macaw to the left of you. The macaw is real, and has made a real sound. You, however, are in your living room.

Will you be taking vacations with this thing? No. But it is an optimal way to test out an experience, or build up a voracious excitement for your next adventure. You may access a scene in downtown Tokyo, peruse the streets, and determine if you really want to go there. Or, you can look down Mount St. Helens and be filled with the motivation you need to complete your pre-excursion physical conditioning.

After using VR technology for a consumer case study, researchers found a 190% increase in New York excursion revenue. Not only are these devices boosting people’s interest in visiting particular destinations, they are also being offered as an accessory in some hotels.

#NotATourist Experiences

Courtesy of MYrago

Some people don’t want to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The thought of cramming into a building with other sweaty people in the summer months turns them off. People are increasingly turning to alternative experiences that are fulfilling, but go against the grain.

Take, for example, the experience of meditating with a monk in Japan. Or instead of heading straight to the Statue of Liberty, going on a Harlem Jazz Crawl instead. This is exactly what services like MYrago are doing.

There are millions upon millions of unique experiences one can have in a foreign country. There are sights and scenes that the typical tourist will never see, and may regret missing. The Louvre will be there for a long time, but a chance to do a glacier hike in Chile may slip away.


Strange Occurrences at Black Sabbath’s Performance (2004)

Being a child raised on heavy metal, the opportunity to see Black Sabbath in their full original form was extraordinary. They resurrected their magic and musico-chemical components specially for Ozzfest in 2004. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and of course, Ozzy Osbourne, all took the stage to play some of the greatest songs ever made in the history of rock.

The band was infamous in the 70’s for dealing with occult themes and black magick. The (solo) Ozzy Osbourne song, “Mr. Crowley,” was an ode to one of the most notorious dark mystics in history, Aleister Crowley. Crowley was thought to be a Satanist by some, and he outwardly expressed allegiance to the devil multiple times. The Black Sabbath song “N.I.B.” includes the infamous line, “my name is Lucifer/please take my hand.” The album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath includes images of 666, demonic figures, and death. (We must mention that this album cover was created by Drew Struzan, famous for movie posters that include E.T., Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, Blade Runner, the Goonies,  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and dozens more.)

Courtesy of BlackSabbath.com

It’s no secret that Black Sabbath indulged in the folklore of witchcraft and dark magic. What happened on July 14, however, went way beyond rock and roll contrivances.

Ozzfest took place at Jones Beach Auditorium in Wantagh, NY. This is an open venue with no walls, ceiling or dome. It’s a beautiful auditorium that sits on the Long Island Sound coast. The forecast for the day was clear skies and 0% chance precipitation.

The crowd was a heterogeneous mixture of old classic rock hippies, young metal-heads, 80’s-era headbangers then losing their hair, and Gothic misfits. Some fans were seriously devoted to the art of witchcraft, wearing amulets and exhibiting mudras (cosmic hand signals) while on the line for the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, stoned eccentrics were tattooed with pentagrams. Many dismissed this as signs of crazy burnouts who took enthusiasm for metal a little too far.


As Black Sabbath took to the stage, the scent of cannabis filled the air. They played fan favorites including “Sweet Leaf,” and “Fairies Wear Boots.” Then came the time for one of the darkest compositions in their catalog, the self-titled song “Black Sabbath.”

The song “Black Sabbath” functions on a repeating diminished chord. The diminished chord is built by stacking two tritones (diminished perfect fifths). The tritone is also known as the “devil’s chord,” and thought to summon the image of Baphomet (Satan) himself. The lyrics of the song deal with a individual performing a black magick ritual, summoning the devil, and damning his own soul. The composition is saturated with tension and dissonance.

As the band broke into this number, something odd happened. Drops of rain began to fall all around us. The sky was already dark by the coming of nightfall. The crack of thunder broke out above the bay. A light storm formed directly over Jones Beach Auditorium.

Ozzy seemed unfazed by this, as if it were an expected part of the performance routine. He did acknowledge it, however, as a way to get the crowd going wild. The rainfall never progressed to anything other than a mild shower. The song ended, concluding its lyrical screams and hard-hitting guitar solos. The crowd jeered in amazement.

It’s at this point that some of you may say, “Okay it rained. So what?” If you don’t believe in dark magic or witchcraft, here’s why it’s significant: no other band would have made this a memory. It can rain at any concert, and the typical reaction would be “oh shit, it’s raining.” But Black Sabbath is strikingly unique and evocative. The allure of horror and magical occurrences are both elements that affect nearly all human beings. Black Sabbath harnessed this in a way that is unspeakable and ineffable. When it storms at the exact same time the song “Black Sabbath” begins to sound, you are taken in to a rock and roll experience that may never be re-created.

Aleister Crowley Biography
Click the photo be taken to one if the greatest Crowley biographies available.

Some may actually believe that this was the pleasing of a dark master who controls all weather and elements. Maybe the ink pentagrams and sun adorations caused a cosmic force to alter the events of July 14, 2004. Some attendees did seem to defy the laws of typical consciousness.

Whatever you believe in, the point stands that this was a remarkable experience. Black Sabbath is broken up now, and I am not putting odds on Ozzy Osbourne living much longer of a life (though he’s defied all expectations so far). If there ever is the chance to see them perform again, be sure to recite an incantation directed at the ancient Egyptian deities to summon you some money for a ticket.