Yachting in Greece

You wake up to the sound of cicadas as the sun rises. The morning glow begins to illuminate the hillside and you take off to the south of Athens. Fueled with coffee, you begin to anticipate the oceanic day ahead.


Cruising the sea is one of the greatest ways to see Greece. Not only does it give you great panoramic views of the many coasts and islands, it’s friggin’ fun. Whether it’s a romantic getaway with your loved one or a big social partaking, you will appreciate the experience, and you will be better for it.

Of course, no Greece cruise is complete without the ouzo.

Another nice touch is wine from Lemnos. It’s pretty dry, robust, and flavorful.

A Greek yacht excursion obviously costs much, but valuates high. You get what you pay for, and you get a lot. Be sure to negotiate before chartering, ensure that the wine/beer/ouzo is unlimited, and make sure there’s shuttle service included. If you have everything you need, you’re bound to have some wild times. Take, for instance, front-flipping off the back plank:

Control Your Adventure

Yachting has a controllable level of adventure travel to it. You can lay back with the ouzo all day if you wanted to, and relax casually while you trail past the islands. You can get off the boat, swim to one of the secluded islands, and go cliff-jumping. Our group leaned toward the more daring excursion, and jumped 140 feet off the jagged rock edges. The captain wasn’t too thrilled, but I’m sure it formed unforgettable memories for some. The Wedding Therapist and I stayed in the middle of the adventure continuum. Though we ventured off the boat with a snorkel mask and dove off the plank, we left the cliff-jumping to others.

You don’t need much to be prepared for a Greek yacht ride. Here are some travel tips, however, to get the most out of your day trip:

    1. Take the Dramamine if you need it.

      This is pretty straightforward. The yacht ride can be a little rocky, so if you’re prone to motion sickness, I definitely suggest bringing the Dramamine for good measure. 

    2. Use trekking sandals, as much of the land in Greece is rocky.

If you’re venturing off the boat and onto the islands, consider hiking sandals. The land is rocky and full of rough foliage. For both men and women, I’ve heard many great things about KEEN sandals. They’re built to last, they’re comfortable, and are sure to protect the feet.

For women, you have this option:

And for the guys:

3. Take this immunity formula 3x/day beforehand to ensure good travel health.

Airports, airplanes, hotels, buses, trains, hostels…what do these all have in common? They’re all full of people spreading their pathogens. You should absolutely be fortifying your immune system to reduce risk of getting sick on vacation. I use this and a multivitamin supplement.

4. Bring sunglasses that look good, but you aren’t attached to.

Chances are, your shades will be fine. However, I still wouldn’t take chances with expensive designer sunglasses. Here’s what I brought:


I got those aviators (the “Desert” model) from SunglassWarehouse. They’re stylish, resistant to scratches, and only cost around $13. They’re even cheaper with code “SAVE15.”

5. Pack the sunscreen.

You’re on a boat in direct sunlight all day. Even if you don’t burn easily, have a little protection!


You’re going to be getting up early for this, so another suggestion is that you get plenty of rest the night before. A couple of more travel tips:

  1.  Try to power-nap as you adjust to the time difference/jet lag. Don’t sleep for more than 30 minutes during the day. If you want to be awake and alert for your excursions, try to get your body adjusting to the new rhythm.
  2. Use natural sleep aids to rest at night. I don’t like pharmaceutical sleep aids at all. I don’t even use melatonin. But a natural sleep formula lets your body settle into rest without putting you into an hours-long stupor. Natural herbs like passion flower and lemon balm are great for this, and are significant components of Desert Willow Botanicals’ Stress/Sleep formula. Passion flower is clinically implicated to calm the mind and assist with better sleep cycles (this article talks a bit about this).

Enjoy the ride


You are the Earth’s audience. Every mark of beauty and every occurrence of joy is an invitation to your own personal bliss. This is why I feel excursions like this are worth it. It does require saving up your funds, but it’s a much better purchase than buying a brand new game system or Armani jeans. It does help, of course, when you have a large group to split the cost.

The service we used was Hellas Yachting. And (I can’t help myself here), it was “Hellas” good. The crew was fantastic, the food was fresh, and the ouzo was abounding. The chance to see Greece from the sea was amazing, and brought us up to “baller” status.

So, even if you can’t do an excursion like this, I hope some of the information and traveling tips were helpful. Whether you’re taking on a yacht cruise, just enjoying the beach, or sticking to the tour bus, here’s one final suggestion: enjoy the ride.


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